Efficient Fire Protection with High Sustainability Standards:
Dukare 1230 Fire Protection Fluid

Data loss, the malfunction of machines or devices that run critical business processes, or even total operational shutdown: all risks that come as a result of a fire and pose an existential threat to any business. What’s needed are extinguishing systems that detect a developing fire as early as possible – and that will extinguish it gently as well as quickly. It’s crucial that sensitive infrastructure and goods remain unscathed by fire or by residue from extinguishing agents.

Synthetic extinguishing agent Dukare 1230 (FK-5-1-12) is the material of choice for this need. Dukare 1230 is a liquid that only turns to gas when it is discharged through the extinguishing nozzle. This gas absorbs thermal energy and interrupts the combustion process.

Dukare 1230 is recommended especially for the protection of valuable facilities and objects as well as sensitive spaces such as server rooms, data centers, measuring and control rooms, and archives and museums that hold irreplaceable documents and cultural assets. For small and mid-sized spaces in particular, Dukare 1230 is an economical choice.

In addition, Dukare 1230 is the most environmentally friendly of all gaseous chemical extinguishing agents. It poses no danger to the ozone layer, has very little global warming potential and disintegrates completely after five days at the most.

Dukare 1230: All the advantages at a glance

  • Poses no risk to humans or the environment
  • No ozone depletion potential
  • Highly efficient and very short extinguishing times
  • Space-saving assembly
  • Non-corrosive, not electrically conductive
  • No visual obstruction following the extinguishing process
  • Liquid at room temperature: easy, cost-saving transport; little warehouse space required
  • Fast and easy to refill