Our Standards, Your Opportunity – A Comprehensive Range of Services for All Our Customers

The right products for your needs, leading expertise in feedstock chemicals and a dependable team that is on hand to provide you with reliable and flexible support – this is what Gelsenchem is all about.


  • Application-specific consulting on products, quality standards and plant engineering
  • Market trends
  • Specialist lectures and technical presentations


  • Feedstock delivery and product acceptance in a combined process
  • Multi-industry market integration
  • Market anticipation and derivation of sales strategies
  • ISO certification (EcoStep)


  • In-house storage capacity
  • Same-day order and transport handling
  • Shipping:
    • Liquid: IBCs, tanker trucks, railroad tank cars, sea freight
    • Solid: big bags, silos
  • Integrated freight: We deliver and collect
  • Hazardous freight transport (German Ordinance for Road Transport of Hazardous Substances), waste transport, kosher-certified transport and GMP+ transport
  • 30 forwarders ensure the execution of up to 8,000 transports per year


  • Over 20 years of sales experience
  • Recycling of waste and by-products
  • Global purchasing and sales activities
  • Proper product declarations
  • Security of supply thanks to long-term procurement structures with backup sources
  • Flexible pricing (short-term, medium-term and long-term)
  • Payment terms geared towards the customer
  • Distribution of own-brand products