Kläranlagen & Deponien

Sewage Treatment Facilities and Landfills – Products and Services Around the Clock

We have been supplying external carbon sources (“C sources”) for over 20 years for wastewater treatment and purification – and are the partner for you when it comes to the operation of sewage treatment plants, landfills and public waste water treatment facilities.

With our many years of experience, we are on hand to help you – perhaps just for normal day-to-day operations, but also if your situation is undergoing structural change, for example, due to new limits entering force or new indirect dischargers.

Whether for landfill leachates or public waste water facilities in sewage treatment plants, we have the right external carbon sources on hand. We deliver quickly and flexibly within 24 hours, 7 days a week. This is enabled by our own in-house stocks – not to mention personal service that you can depend on.

Reliability and flexibility go hand in hand. This is why we can offer large contract volumes over a longer period of time while maintaining a consistently high level of quality, as well as tailored solutions for the temporary introduction of external carbon sources.

Plan With Us – Construction, Modification and the Right Product

We also provide you with capable, professional support in the planning or modification of your facility.

After all, the construction of tanks and filling stations for external carbon sources requires experience in the handling of chemicals. This is why we support planning and engineering offices as well as the civil engineering agencies of public waste water treatment services with all of our expertise, ranging from the planning of a facility through to its completion.

We also provide commercial and technical advice to master tradespeople in the waste water sector when it comes to selecting suitable external carbon sources, because we know how complex this topic is – and good advice can help to avoid mistakes and unnecessary expenditure.