Our DENiTOL®-ES is an acetic acid-based product used as an external carbon source specifically designed for denitrification in biological leachate purification plants at landfills with temporary substrate use. DENiTOL®-ES is eminently suitable for use as an external carbon in plants that are not designed as explosion-proof plants. DENiTOL®-ES has been used for many years at various landfill sites and sewage treatment plants in Germany and Europe without any issues. It can be used all year round and is fully biodegradable. DENiTOL®-ES is not classed as dangerous goods and can be stored in plastic containers. Its adaptability is near instantaneous, so that the product becomes effective immediately after application.


Characteristics Guarantee value Typical value
Appearance Clear, colourless to pale yellow liquid
Acetic acid Min. 59 – 61 w/w % 60 w/w %
COD 680,000 mg / kg
BOD5 420,000 mg / kg
Density at 20 °C 1.063 g /ml – 1.065 g / ml 1.064 g / ml
Hazen color scale max. 30 25
Chloride max. 100 25
Iron max. 5 < 1
Evaporation residue max. 500 mg / l 250 mg / l