Our DENiTOL®-ET is an ethanol-based product used as an external carbon source specifically designed for denitrification in biological sewage treatment plants with temporary substrate use. DENiTOL®-ET is, therefore, also specifically designed for use as an external carbon source in plants with low residence time of the waste water in the reactor, i.e. in the BIOFOR method. DENiTOL®-ET has been used for many years at numerous sewage treatment plants in Germany and Europe without any issues. It can be used all year round and is fully biodegradable. Its adaptability is near instantaneous, so that the product becomes effective immediately after application.

Characteristics Guarantee value Typical value
Alcohol content approx. 75 vol. %
Density at 20 °C 0.86 kg / l
Water approx. 25 vol. %
Appearance and colour clear – pale yellow
Metal n.n.
BTX n.n.
COD 1.350 g / kg